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पैटर्न ऑफ़ एग्जामिनेशन

  /  पैटर्न ऑफ़ एग्जामिनेशन

Each course consists of theory and/or theory and practical papers. Each theory paper shall consist of two parts:

  • Written examination carrying 80 marks and
  • Evaluation of assignments, carrying 20 marks.

The examination in written part of each theory paper shall be of 3 hours duration.

Each examinee shall have to submit three assignments in each paper separately, and, out of them, two best assignments shall be evaluated for the purpose of examination. However, in case of non submission of required number of assignment, i.e. three, the assignments submitted will not be evaluated.

Practical classes shall be arranged at the study centres or at any other suitable place arranged by the University. Each practical paper shall carry 100 marks (80marks for practical and 20 marks for theory), except M.A. in Psychology, in which the duration of practical examination will be of six hours; all other practical papers will be of three hours duration.

Question for CFN/Agriculture based and UNICEF sponsored courses will be in Hindi and for PGDFM, PGDMM, PGJMC,BCA,MCA and CIC in English only.

In other courses, the questions will be both in English and Hindi. Candidates may answer either in Hindi or English.