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Nalanda Open University is a State Open University duly established under the Act of Bihar Government and is also recognized by Distance Education Council, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi since 1997 vide their letter Nos. :

DEC/Univ/State/2007/5583 dated 31.8.2007

DEC/OU/Recog/2008/7829 dated 08.4.2008

DEC/Recog/NOU/2008/17385 dated 18.12.2008

UGC/DEB/Bih/NOU/2014 /4248-4251 dated 20.01.14

DEB/Bihar/NOU/7267-7271 dated 03.06.14

UGC/DEB/4/4/BBABU/2015(DEB-I) dated 27.01.16

F.No. 2-2/2018 (DEB-III) dated 24-10-18

Refer Distance Education Council Website

Nalanda Open University Degree/Diploma/Certificates are eligible for higher studies, public & private sector employment and service promotions.