8th Pay Commission Date, How much salary will you get, check benefits

The government has announced that the 8th Pay Commission will be implemented soon. This is great news for all Central and State government employees who have been eagerly waiting for it. The 8th Pay Commission, which will likely increase salaries, is expected to start from January 1, 2026. Stay tuned for updates.

8th Pay Commission Date

While there’s no official date yet, the 8th Pay Commission is expected to start in January 2026, according to recent news. This will benefit all government employees as it will increase their monthly salaries. In addition, allowances like dearness, transport, and health are also expected to rise.

8th Pay Commission Official Announcements

Every 10 years, the government updates the Pay Commission, which benefits all government workers. Although the 8th Pay Commission’s official start date hasn’t been announced, it’s expected to begin by January 2026. The last update, the 7th Pay Commission, was implemented on February 28, 2014. State Finance Minister Mr. Pankaj Choudhary has promised to start the 8th Pay Commission next year.

Article Name8th Pay Commission Date
Issued byCentral Government
8th Pay Commission DateUpdated Soon
BeneficiariesAll the state and central government employees
Commission pay level8th
Implementation year2026
8th Pay Commission includeIncrease in the salary, allowance, pension, etc.
Official AccessClick Here
8th Pay Commission Date

7th CPC Replaced by 8th Pay Commission

The 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) is set to be replaced by the 8th Pay Commission by 2026. This is eagerly awaited by many government employees, both retired and serving, as it will increase their salaries and provide other benefits. The government usually has a 10-year plan for implementing each Pay Commission, but this time, employees are hoping for an early implementation. All relevant updates about the 8th Pay Commission will be provided here in short time.

8 Pay Commission Eligibility

Retired government employees will also benefit from the 8th Pay Commission. This applies to employees from both state and central government.

8th Pay Commission Salary Increase

The 8th Pay Commission, expected to start in 2026, will increase basic salaries by up to 20%. A comparison of salaries under the 7th and 8th Pay Commissions will be provided below.

Pay Scale LevelBasic Salary Structure of 7th CPCBasic Salary Structure of 8th CPC
Pay Scale Level 1Rs 18,00Rs 21,600
Pay Scale Level 2Rs 19,900Rs 23,880
Pay Scale Level 3Rs 21,700Rs 26,040
Pay Scale Level 4Rs 25,500Rs 30,600
Pay Scale Level 5Rs 29,200Rs 35,040
Pay Scale Level 6Rs 35,400Rs 42,480
Pay Scale Level 7Rs 44,900Rs 53,880
Pay Scale Level 8Rs 45,600Rs 57,120

8th Pay Commission Salary Calculator

Calculating the new salary under the 8th Pay Commission is easy. It involves three main factors. The first is the Fitment Factor, which helps convert the current salary to the new structure. The second is the Revised Pay Matrix, which considers your grade, pay band, position, and years of service. The third factor includes allowances like Dearness, housing, transport, travel, and others, which will also increase.

8th Pay Commission Benefits

The 8th Pay Commission will raise monthly salaries, leading to job satisfaction and better financial status. It will also boost the economy. Plus, retired employees will see an increase in their pensions.

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